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Keeping our eye on: Baskin Jones

Baskin Jones

Baskin Jones

Age: 26
Hometown: Jackson
Education: B.A. in psychology (Belhaven University), J.D. (University of Mississippi)
Current Position: Associate, John D. Giddens Law Firm

Baskin Jones says he is glad to be back home in the Capitol City after a season away.

Growing up in Jackson, Jones says he remembers watching his father practice law, often staying up to write briefs by lamplight. “It just grew on me from there,” he says. “I always respected lawyers and when I started thinking about what I wanted to do, law was at the top of the pile.”

After surviving law school, Jones traveled through the Mississippi Delta researching oil and gas mineral rights and preparing reports for large oil companies looking for new drill sites. “It wasn’t the most exciting of jobs but I really got the hunger to go and find the job that would be more law-oriented,” he says.  As an associate with the Giddens Law Firm, Jones says he is currently specializing in personal injury cases but also has an interest in business law.

When he’s not at work Jones is an active member, along with wife KC, of the Fondren community. Jones is also co-founder of Mississippi Ultimate, a confederation of Mississippi Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts eager to formally promote the competitive sport within their cities and schools.

“We’re excited about engaging kids to be more active and involved — (teaching them) how to be outside, exercising and interacting with other people,” he says.

Mississippi’s best kept secret: Campbell’s Bakery in Jackson
Must-have Mississippi food: Fried chicken at Julep
Favorite hangout: Sneaky Beans in Fondren
Favorite TV Show: “The Office”
Favorite Movie: “Rocky IV”
Favorite Band: Unwed Sailor
First Job Ever: Shady Deal Sunglasses
Last Book Read: “The Count of Monte Cristo”
Best Role Model: My dad Raybun Jones

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