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MDOT unveils new bicycle/pedestrian resolution

JACKSON — The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) has made public a new bicycle/pedestrian resolution that was adopted on March 22 by the Mississippi Transportation Commission.

The Mississippi Transportation Commission has determined that MDOT will implement and execute a policy of considering the development of multipurpose trails and/or wide-paved shoulders during the environmental and planning phases of all new highways and the re-construction of existing highways in or near communities with areas of high demand for recreational facilities.

The Federal Highway Administration has made the development of livable communities, including fully-integrated biking and walking networks, a priority. The Commission recognizes the important role that MDOT plays in creating and fostering communities where all Mississippi residents have safe and convenient access to recreation and transportation.

A multipurpose trail or wide-paved included in new highways and the reconstruction projects will also promote economic development and more livable communities, MDOT reports. It will also provide recreational, educational and economic benefits for hikers and bicyclists, and can function as an alternate mode of transportation for commuters, provide tremendous scenic qualities and serve as a tourist attraction for individuals of all ages, needs and abilities.

Source: Mississippi Department of Transportation

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  1. Glad 2 c a plan 4 walkers & bikers. Our economy n the past has been based on cheap gas, trucking freight, and construction…the future will b much different. Economic life will b on a more human scale which means more production and transit needs will b local.

  2. Don’t just put up signs on the busiest streets saying “Bicycle Trail” like Dale Danks did in Jackson

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