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Presley to ask utilities for small business-friendly plan

JACKSON — Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley announced that he plans to ask the major corporate utilities in Mississippi to submit their ideas to the Public Service Commission to create incentives to help small business owners to open, expand and create jobs.

Presley will hold a conference call tomorrow with representatives of the five major electric and natural gas utilities to discuss the issue and challenge each company to submit a detailed plan to the PSC for action.

“We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that high utility rates hurt small business owners and slow economic growth,” Presley said. “I am asking the corporate utilities in this state to look hard for ways to help small business owners. These are Mississippi employers who will keep their operations here, rather than ship jobs to China or elsewhere.

“We have all witnessed the massive bail-outs and huge tax loopholes for big business, yet very few officials even talk about small business owners and their needs. These are the folks who run the local dry cleaners, diners, retail shops and service stations. They are the backbone of our economy and our communities, and I want to do everything possible to help them open up, expand and add jobs.”

Presley said that utility plans for these small business incentives must not shift costs to residential consumers and must protect the public interest. Presley will ask that utilities have a preliminary plan of action submitted to the Public Service Commission before June1.

Source: Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley

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