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Southern Heart Center pioneers outpatient PET/CT

HATTIESBURG — According to Southern Heart Center, a service of Hattiesburg Clinic, it is the first facility in the state to provide patients with access to a cardiac Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computerized Tomography (CT) scan in an outpatient clinic setting.

The group has been using the technology for diagnostic purposes since November and has performed the 30-minute cardiac test on nearly 300 patients.

“This test can be performed for patients more efficiently and often at less cost in the clinic setting as compared with the hospital,” said Jamie Branch, technical coordinator for Nuclear Cardiac Imaging.

The Center says the advantages of this procedure, which can also detect calcium deposits in the coronary arteries, is that it is a more reliable diagnostic tool, has a decreased amount of radiation exposure and is a quicker procedure than previous testing methods. In addition, the cardiac PET/CT is a more accurate test for patients with increased weight and uses a pharmaceutical agent to stimulate stress that is more tolerable and can be counteracted. Image quality is improved with PET scanning, ultimately offering superior imaging of coronary blood flow.

Source: Hattiesburg Clinic

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