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Commissioners release update on lifting levee closure

GREENVILLE — The Mississippi Levee Board says the Mississippi River mainline levee will remain closed until the flooding Mississippi River falls to 48 feet. That will bar riverside property owners in the Greenville area from returning to their homes and businesses and keep the city’s two downtown casinos closed.

However, riverside property owners should be able to at least get in and survey any damage caused by the historic flood perhaps as early as next week.

The commissioners said the levee must remain locked down until the Mississippi River recedes to 48 feet at Greenville. Seepwater has weakened many county roads leading up to the levee, and water-logged boat ramps could be damaged by vehicular traffic.

The commissioners added that they are unsure what condition the levee is in until the water recedes. Inspections cannot begin until the river falls to 48 feet.

However, next week when the river falls to 58 feet, the board will reopen the Greenville waterfront for the sole purpose of allowing homeowners and business owners along the river and Lake Ferguson. Property owners will also be allowed to use the ramp at the Port of Rosedale just north of Greenville. In Greenville, boaters will be able to launch their boats and then pull their truck and trailer over the levee and park on the landside of the levee.

All boaters will be required to show proof that they homes and/or businesses on the riverside wither by warranty deed or tax receipts plus photo identification.

All of the city’s casinos will be allowed to reopen when the river reaches 58 feet at Greenville. To save space for property owners’ boats, casino workers and patrons will have to park on the landside of the levee and can ride casino shuttle buses.

Source: Mississippi Levee Board

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