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EPA orders testing at site of former Hercules plant

HATTIESBURG — The Environmental Protection Agency has ordered a Kentucky company to conduct on- and off-site testing as soon as possible after several harmful contaminants were uncovered at the now closed Hercules facility.

Ashland Inc. of Covington, Ky., purchased Hercules in 2008.

Local residents have complained about ongoing pollution from the plant that was creating health problems.

The Hattiesburg American reports testing by the EPA found large amounts of benzene and several other hazardous materials in groundwater, soil samples and sediment tested by the agency earlier this year.

According to the EPA, benzene is a volatile organic compound. Acute exposure can cause dizziness, headaches and a string of other complications, and chronic exposure can cause leukemia.

Residents in the area say besides procuring samples at the Hercules site, experts also will be testing adjoining properties within a half-mile radius of the plant.

The EPA order directs Ashland to submit a work plan that includes sampling and analysis of drinking water within a four-mile radius of the facility, and surface and sediment data of any wetlands, creeks, lakes or ditches within a half-mile of the plant.

The report also must include soil gas samplings and indoor air reports.

Source: AP

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  1. My family and grew up in Hattiesburg. My late sister Lora Lovelady died from Acute Myloid Leukemia on 4/13/2013. She was only 55 years old. All the doctors who treated her kept asking if she remembered being exposed benzene and/or any other toxins that could have caused her to contract AML. I myself have had melanoma removed from my left leg 10 + years ago. Which because I’m African American was considered unusual. Is there anyone se I can contact to get any additional info.

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