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Hosemann releases statement on redistricting ruling

JACKSON — A three-judge federal panel has ruled in favor of the Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann’s position that the state Constitution should be followed regarding the redistricting process and has ordered legislators run under the old legislative district lines in the 2011 election cycle.

In a statement, Hosemann wrote: “The federal court has ruled in favor of protecting our state’s right to redistrict without federal intervention until the constitutional process has been exhausted.

“In a Memorandum Opinion and Order issued by Judges E. Grady Jolly, Tom S. Lee, and Louis Guirola, Jr., the Judges state, ‘We agree with the Secretary of State’s position that imposition of a remedy is premature and allow the 2011 legislative elections to proceed under the present districts…’ Meaning, legislators will run under the same district lines pursuant to the 2002 redistricting plan.

“With this order our citizens have retained their constitutional right to select their representatives.”

Source: Secretary of State

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