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Hosemann warns post-flood scrap metal thieves

JACKSON — Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is warning scrap metal thieves that local law enforcement agencies and the Secretary of State’s Office are on the lookout.

“As floodwaters rise, so does the potential for scrap metal thieves to prey on flood victims who have moved to higher ground,” says Hosemann. “Our agency has begun a multi-state effort to put surrounding areas on warning — stealing scrap metal from flood ravaged homes, or any other home, will not be tolerated.”

As part of the multi-state effort, the Secretary of State’s Office has contacted Louisiana and Arkansas law enforcement officials and scrap metal dealers to be on the lookout for stolen scrap metals, which may make their way to surrounding states. In addition, Hosemann’s office has contacted local law enforcement officials in flood areas to advise them on the potential for an increase in scrap metal thefts.

Source: Delbert Hosemann

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