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Keeping our eye on: Amile Wilson

Amile Wilson

Age: 26
Hometown: Jackson
Education: Belhaven University (BAs in theater & philosophy), Georgetown University (economics certificate)
Current Position: Executive producer, Hapax Creative

Actor, filmmaker, photographer, traveling puppeteer, dancer, political consultant.

That’s just a starter list of some of the professional experiences of Amile Wilson.

Whether it’s having his photography displayed in the Kremlin or working on a film that was recently accepted at the Berlin International Film Festival, Wilson’s name has already made it out of the Magnolia State and around the world.

“From the time I can remember anything, I was involved in the arts,” Wilson says. “All good art is storytelling and I always loved stories – that’s the thing that attracted me to it.”

The son of a Jackson writer and portrait artist, Wilson’s eclecticism has allowed him to meet and work with an equally diverse cast of people ranging from Jean-Claude Van Damme to Phil Bryant.

Wilson’s love for politics is as great as his love for the fine arts. “Politics is not just about the gritty policy wonk material,” he says. “It’s the story of humanity. Francis Schaeffer said politics, the arts and culture begs the question, ‘How shall we then live.’” Wilson believes that art and politics should reflect the same thing: that people have value.

Wilson says he is looking forward to seeing more indie and mainstream films like “The Help” being made in Mississippi. He and his colleagues at Hapax Creative, a commercial production company founded last year, also want to bring more live work to the area including theater and dance.

Mississippi’s best kept secret: “The depth of community within the people.”
Must-have Mississippi food: Julep’s Fried Chicken
Favorite Hangout: Sneaky Beans in Fondren
Favorite TV show: “Star Trek”
Favorite Movie: “Illuminata”
Favorite Band: Mannheim-Steamroller
Last book read: “Paradise Lost” by John Milton
First job ever: Child actor in TV commercials
Best role model: Henry Clay

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