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North Mississippi rail line reopening hits a snag

GREENWOOD — Transportation Commissioner Mike Tagert says the reopening of the rail line between Greenwood and West Point has run into a snag.

The Greenwood Commonwealth reports Tagert told a civil group this week that the state has offered up to $15 million to the project, but Genesee & Wyoming, which owns the 90-mile stretch, has not brought any funding proposal to the table.

Tagert, who represents north Mississippi on the commission, says reopening the route has tremendous economic development potential, but he says privately owned and operated railroads need private investment.

The line from Greenwood to West Point has been out of service since 2001 due to its dilapidated condition. It remains open from Greenwood to Greenville.

Area officials are seeking federal funding to get it back running.

Information: The Associated Press

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  1. What has ever happened to the rail lines reopening in the south of state. They have been closed since Katrina. I have been told it’s all some political games. What does that mean? Could Transportation Comissioners asnwer this question?

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