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Presley wades in on replacing Waites on Public Utilities Staff

JACKSON — Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley has issued a statement regarding the selection of a new executive director of the Mississippi Public Utilities Staff.

Recently, long-time director Bobby Waites announced his retirement, which is effective June 30.

Mississippi law states that the Public Service Commission shall submit between three and six names to the governor to choose from to make the appointment.

Presley said, “I wish to thank Mr. Waites for his many years of service in our state government. Along with my fellow commissioners and our staff members, we offer our best wishes to him and his family in his retirement.

“As we consider nominees to submit to the governor for this next appointment, we should be committed to an open process and one that only considers candidates for this important position who are first and foremost qualified, and, secondly, are not from the utility industry. I will not support any utility industry insider for this position. We commissioners should only submit names of individuals who are 100 percent committed to protecting the public interest, which is independent utility regulation.

“In addition to nominating only qualified, independent individuals, I support a process for selecting nominees that is open and transparent, including open hearings for questioning of those individuals being considered. This will help ensure that the general public can have trust in the selection process.”

Presley added that the Commission voted May 5 to begin the advertising process for the appointment and hopes to submit three to six names to Gov. Barbour before June 30.

Source: Commissioner Presley

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