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Venture Technologies turns 25

Pictures (starting top, left to right):

CEO, Gerard Gibert, addresses the crowd

Senator John Horhn, Norman Katool, Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee

Tarrien Williams, Daphne Matchen, Mark Frye

Ryan Allen, Kristen Hinton, Ellen Freeman, Mark Frye, Debra Stewart, Daphne Matchen, Kassie DuVall

Raphael Semmes and Jazz and Blues Ensamble

Norman Katool, Gerard Gibert

Norman Katool receives piece of Venture’s foundation from Duff Sudduth

Norman Katool and Gerard Gibert cut the cake

Mark Frye, Courtney Lashley

Julie and Gerard Gibert

Group watches CEO, Gerard Gibert’s, address

Gerard Gibert, Dewayne Buckman, Ron Guzman, Norm Todd

Duff Sudduth, Bill Daniels, Alan Aparicio, Tim Carter

David Litchliter, Norman Katool, Sen. Merle Flowers

Venture’s Management Team- John Little, Mark Frye, Norman Katool, Gerard Gibert, Joe Rucker, Alison Fryant, Wayne Gilbert

(photos by Stephen McDill)

Venture Technologies turns 25

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