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Jackson's Power APAC teaches trade

By Amy McCullough

Watch this excellent MBJ-TV video of  Jackson’s Power APAC project teaching international trade.

Students had to create their own goods to sell and learn about international currencies. Stay with it until the end to see the creative student dressed like Tina Turner who will sing songs for $3.

“For over two decades, the Academic and Performing Arts Complex (APAC) of Jackson Public School District has been implementing and sustaining a vision that was developed in 1980.  In 1981, APAC was begun with the aid of an Emergency School Aid Act (ESAA) Magnet Grant.  The following mission statement was established in 1981 and remains in effect today:

The Academic and Peforming Arts Complex seeks to provide excellence in art and academics by providing intensive training for academically talented students through the provision of a strong scholastic and specialty enrichment program.

Power APAC serves students in grades 4 and 5 in the academic adn [sic] performing arts areas.  It also serves studnts [sic] in grades 6-12 in the performance art area.  Students are admitted to Power APAC through an audition and/or testing process.  While attending, students receive either an accelerated academic program and/or a specialized intensive exposure to an art field (dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts).

In general, the students who attend our school are highly motivated, creative, and intelligent individuals who thrive in a challenging environment.  The parents are supportive and expectant of a quality program.

Faculty members possess extensive and specialized training as well as a love for their subject matter.  As teachers work with their students, they are constantly challenged to provide a stimulating, demanding, and nurturing environment where each student will experience growth and success.”

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