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Private sector jobs fueling state's economic recovery

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Job growth in the private sector continues to fuel Mississippi’s slow economic comeback.

State labor officials reported today that Mississippi lost 4,000 jobs between May 2010 and last month — mostly due to a drop-off of 11,100 jobs in government. The figures are not adjusted for seasonal factors.

Private business added 7,100 jobs. However, the goods-producing sector, including mining and logging, manufacturing and construction continued to lag, losing 4,300 jobs over the past 12 months. Private service-providing employers added 11,400 jobs.

The biggest gainers were in the widespread sector of professional-business services, private education and health services and leisure-hospitality.

Source: AP

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  1. And all of this time I thought it was Obama’s stimulus shovel ready jobs… who could have known?

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