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Sewage spill prompts Coast beach closure

GULFPORT — The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) is working with the City of Gulfport, the Harrison County Sand Beach Department and the Harrison County Utility Authority to advise residents that a water contact closure has been issued for a section of beach in Gulfport.

The section extends from 41st Avenue near the West Side Pier east to 33rd Avenue near the Island View Casino.

The closure is issued due to a sewage spill, which flowed across the beach. The spill has been stopped by the Harrison County Utility Authority, but the notice has been issued because a large amount of sewage flowed across the beach near 38th Avenue.

MDEQ recommends that people avoid water contact recreation such as swimming or wading in these waters. In addition, people should avoid eating fish, crabs and shellfish from waters in the immediate vicinity of the closure.

MDEQ is taking water samples and will advise the public when bacteria levels are acceptable for water contact.

Source: MDEQ

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