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Weyerhaeuser plans expansion, improvements of plants

LOWNDES COUNTY — Weyerhaeuser Co. is planning expansions at both of its Lowndes County production facilities over the next two years.

Company spokeswoman Mary Hudson told the Commercial Dispatch that Weyerhaeuser plans to modernize equipment to reduce operating costs as well as improve product quality and environmental performance, reducing water consumption by 15 percent.

Weyerhaeuser employs 430 people and produces pressed pulp and fluff pulp from tree fibers, for use in various products, including clothing, baby diapers and aspirin.

Local officials say Weyerhaeuser will spent more than $66 million over two years on the improvements

Lowndes County supervisors have approved more than $21 million in tax exemptions for the manufacturer, on its new projects, over the next 10 years.

Source: Commercial Dispatch

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