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2011 Governors Debate

By Stephen McDill

Kudos to Dean Jim Rosenblatt and his staff for packing the lecture hall at Mississippi College School of Law for the 2011 Mississippi gubernatorial debate.

Democratic candidates Bill Luckett and Johnny Dupree faced off with Republican candidates Phil Bryant, Dave Dennis, Jim Broadwater, Hudson Holliday and Ron Williams. The front runners from both parties (Luckett, Dupree, Bryant and Dennis) brought more of the same of their platforms and personalities, nothing new here. Voters were also treated to retired Gen. Hudson Holliday’s relaxed but authoritarian demeanor and business owner Ron Williams’ Tea Party populist brand (Williams took as many ranting lectern shots at Lt. Gov. Bryant as he did the federal government). Jim Broadwater seemed very nervous throughout the night including when he promised to get rid of two things as governor: abortion (room is silent) and casinos (room gasps). The clearest winner of the debates was Raycom Media, the Alabama-based parent company of WLBT and the other TV affiliates who produced the event and served as panelists.

Please read our Twitter coverage and watch the posted video below where the candidates discuss Obamacare and a state lottery. Let us know what you think!

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  1. I will join you in thanking Mississippi College School of Law for the 2011 Mississippi gubernatorial debate. I watched and enjoyed.

    I thought Johnny Dupree out shined Bill Luckett on the Democratic side.

    I rated Dave Dennis, Hudson Holliday, and Phil Bryant the top Republican candidates… in that order. I thought Dave Dennis was for sure the class of the group without a doubt.

  2. when i started reading the post i first thought that it would not make any sense at all, but you have clearly showed me what was right and what was wrong.

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