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City leaders approve annexation ordinance

COLUMBUS — The City of Columbus has approved an annexation ordinance to bring 44 businesses and 1,462 homes into the city.

The annexation, officials told The Commercial Dispatch, would also add about $278,000 to the city treasury.

The annexation petition, approved Tuesday by the city council, must now be filed in Lowndes County Chancery Court.

Officials say the population increase would offset the 2,000 or so people who left the city according to the recent census. The population fell from an estimated 25,944 in 2000 to 23,640 in 2010.

Source: The Commercial Dispatch

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  1. This annexation thing is interesting in many ways. People move out of a city to get in the county. Cities annex to get money. Several years ago Columbus annexed an area and there was a lot of talk about people paying the taxies, but not getting the city sevices with in a reasonable period of time. Do the 44 businesses and the 1,462 homes want to be in the city I think should be the question.

    Does making the words at the bottom for submit hard to read make this site more safe?

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