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Officials get 'positive news' concerning Delta service

GREENVILLE — Greenville officials and leaders report they heard positive news regarding Delta Airlines and the Greenville Regional Airport during a recent trip to Washington, D.C.

Members of a delegation from Greenville met today in Washington with officials of Delta Airlines in a special meeting called by Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.). The delegation then met with officials from the White House office of Governmental Affairs in a meeting requested and arranged by Greenville Mayor Heather McTeer.

The group encouraged administration officials to support the Department of Transportation’s extension of time for Greenville’s essential air service (EAS) bid, to support the funding of the EAS program and reauthorization of the FAA bill.

Delta officials stated that the economics of operating the Saab turbo-prop engine airplanes were no longer feasible for service; however, Delta is continuing to look for a replacement carrier for the Delta brand in Greenville.

McTeer said, “The goal is to find a carrier that can partner with the Delta brand that will replace the current carrier, Mesaba.  Greenville was granted an extension of time (July 22) from the Department of Transportation that will allow Delta more time to find the right partner and right fit for the Greenville airport. This could mean a different aircraft, more flights a day or a combination of both. Ultimately, we will continue to work with Delta and insure quality air service to the people and businesses of our region.”

Source: Greenville Mayor’s Office

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