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Mississippi poverty grows with single mom rate

Despite having one of the nation’s top-rated welfare programs, Mississippi has the highest poverty rate in the nation: 21.8 percent. While a national group of experts has said poverty numbers are incorrectly calculated and are too high, the fact remains that approximately 20 percent of Mississippians are not self-sufficient.

Don Taylor, former head of the state Department of Human Services, was in charge of overseeing the creation of Mississippi’s welfare reform program in the 1990s and believes poor Mississippians live in behavioral poverty more than material poverty.


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  1. Nothing surprises me about Mississippi … Only last year we got underwear in this state.

  2. Many parents are not single by choice. In my case, I am a single parent do to the fact I am divorced and my ex-husband helps to a minimum. I am receiving child-support at this time. But there has been long gaps nothing consistent. It has been years that I have not received child-support often. Also, if I have recieved child-support it has been no more htan 6 months out of the year. I work full-time + hours to provide for my two children. It has even been more of a struggle to prepare my child for her first year of college. Sometimes single moms aren’t by choice, it is because the state seems to release the absent parent of their financial duties at the absent parent convience. I have ensured that my two children have had what they needed but it is unfair because I didn’t have them by myself.

  3. Miss. poverty grows with all men, women and children. Married and single people of all ages are affected.

  4. I clearly disagree with Don Taylor… There is no such thing as behavioral poverty and material poverty, it just goes to show you that he does not know what he is talking about. The only type of poverty there is… is financial poverty.

  5. You have a good social welfare system and it helps some people that really need it, but then the lazy, non working, not wanting to work, people learn the system and then the stae winds up where it is on the high poverty rate. This is the law of inevitable circumstances. Put them to work.

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