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Ramey Agency hits a hole-in-one on advertising and marketing assignment

Here are some tough advertising assignments: Create logos incorporating light aircraft and a football game, fax machines and a ping pong tournament, computer equipment and a swimming competition, or cooking equipment and golf.

The last option is what Jackson’s Ramey Agency was faced with prior to Viking Range Corp.’s 2007 takeover as title sponsor of the Mississippi PGA TOUR.

Ramey passed the test with flying colors, turning the tee holding a Viking golf ball into a gas burner.

Ramey executive creative director Bob Potesky said, “We wanted to find a way to bring (Viking products and golf) together visually so people wouldn’t say, ‘Why is Viking doing this, and what is the relationship between the two?’ We used the visual iconography of the 18,000-Btu burners that people associate with Viking and put that on the golf tee.”

Ramey creative director Mark Moore came up with original graphics, which included everything from tickets to badges and all the publicity materials.

Ramey associate creative director Josh Schooler worked with Artifact Design, an animation company in Atlanta, to create the commercial and moving video of the flaming golf ball.

“It feels like a classic logo, like it must have been around forever. It worked so well on so many different materials. You can get it really small, really big, put it on film or wear it on your lapel,” Potesky said.

“Viking is one of the oldest and most loved Ramey clients. The ability to help Viking grow from a company that makes appliances to a company that is associated with all kinds of lifestyle and quality of life opportunities for their customers is wonderful fun. It has truly become a company that represents a joy of eating and living and getting together that happens to make stuff for your kitchen,” he said.

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