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Town scrambling to get documents to IRS

METCALFE — Mayor Corey Holmes says Metcalfe has a July 31 deadline to give the Internal Revenue Service 11 years of bank statements and canceled checks, plus more documentation for the 12 months that ended June 30.

He tells the Delta Democrat Times that town officials hope to beat that deadline by at least a week.

The IRS says it will levy income and seize assets if the town misses the deadline.

Holmes says the town owes $558,510.20 because it didn’t pay taxes on town employees for 10 years. The town is also missing the last five years of state audits.

The town also has stepped up efforts to recover from bonds on former mayor Shirley Allen and former town clerk Brenda Gibbs, who had to be bonded as elected officials.

Source: Delta Democrat Times

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