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AT&T unveils expansion plans in Mississippi

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — AT&T continues its ongoing investment in Mississippi with local wireless network enhancements, including expanded backhaul to enable 4G speeds, increased mobile broadband capacity and new and upgraded cell sites.

The improvements plans are part of AT&T’s plan to invest in the $20-billion range in its wireless and wireline networks in 2011.

From January through July, AT&T has completed the following network improvements in Mississippi: mobile broadband launched at 112 existing cell sites across 40 counties; added 32 new cell sites in 23 counties; and, added network capacity at 15 sites.

For the remainder of the year, AT&T plans to: deploy enhanced backhaul connections to enable 4G speeds and add capacity to support more mobile traffic, like adding traffic lanes to a highway; install additional new cell sites to improve network coverage; and, add spectrum carriers or an extra layer of channels to support more traffic.

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  1. jacqueline spencer

    I think this is a crock of bs as my service with at&t is getting worse and worse all the time and we have five phones. They are just telling people that to get them to stay. I have not seen any new work being done anywhere in our area.

  2. It would be amazing if at&t would expand their DSL coverage!!!! There are plenty of mobile carriers, but it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to get high speed internet if you live 3 miles from a town! They could make so much money by expanding DSL coverage!

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