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Auditors find poor record keeping, but no theft

QUITMAN — A representative from the Mississippi State Auditor’s Office has told Clarke County officials there has been no evidence of theft found in accounts for the Clarke County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

David Huggins delivered the news to the Clarke County Board of Supervisors, according to WTOK television.

While there has been no stealing, Huggins said there were problems with the way records were kept.

“There was money in the account that no one knew actually where it belonged,” said Huggins.

Officials from the auditor’s office informed supervisors that since the accounts were frozen in April, the appropriate action has been taken to fix all of the problems, except one. That’s the disbursement of almost $250,000 that was in those accounts.

While acknowledging that tracking victims is not easy, officials with the auditor’s office are giving the circuit clerk 30 days to find them and give them the money they are owed. Jordan has also being given 30 days to place the remainder of that $250,000 into the appropriate accounts.

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