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Book outlines ways to reach better manager/employee relationships

Employers and managers wanting to run a successful operation know the secret is to bring out the best in their employees. Lisa Giruzzi’s new book, Bringing Out the Best in Your Employees, provides help for better communication between managers and employees. Giruzzi has more than 25 years experience in helping people be more successful through effective communication.

In this untraditional how-to book she calls into question the underlying assumptions we make regarding the manager/employee relationship. Widespread layoffs and a turbulent economy have forced managers to do more with fewer employees and, as a result, the world’s workforce has become an overworked phenomenon, according to Giruzzi. “The relationship between bosses and their employees is now often neglected, which causes strain in the lives of all involved and has a negative impact on performance, productivity and the organization’s bottom line,” she said.

This book aims to provide a method for any company to reverse the negative feelings employees may have. The author advises managers to bring out the best in their employees through simple, effective communication techniques and an all-new angle. Through short, thought-provoking segments, the book intends to be the business world’s ultimate guide to communication in the workplace.

Giruzzi specializes in assisting organizations to empower and engage their employees to be successful and productive by training managers and supervisors in the principles of effective communication and performance. She has discovered the key elements necessary to ignite and sustain positive change and has developed a program to train others to do the same.

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