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Clinic's patients might have been exposed to virus

SUMMIT — Patients at a clinic in Summit may have been exposed to a viral infection and are being told to get checked out, according to Mississippi health officials.

State health officer Dr. Mary Currier tells the Enterprise-Journal that the situation arose after some patients of the Rose Cancer Center showed up at the Southwest Regional Medical Center in McComb.

“We know that there were 11 patients seen at the hospital in McComb with invasive bacterial infections who were patients from the clinic,” Currier said, referring to “bloodstream infection or pneumonia.”

The patients were treated July 9-18, and their conditions were reported to the Health Department. The clinic was closed July 20.

“We investigated what was going on with the clinic and found infection control problems, and to make sure that didn’t continue to happen, we asked them to close,” Currier said.

The Department of Health sent letters this past week to center patients notifying them the clinic has been closed for “unsafe infection control practices.”

The letter said no cases of Hepatitis B or C or HIV have been reported from the unsafe practices but advised patients to undergo screenings at the local health department and that includes anyone who has ever been a patient at the Summit clinic.

The center opened in 2008. The Health Department advisory only applies to people who were patients at the clinic after it opened in Summit.

Currier said the Rose clinic, which provided chemotherapy treatment, is referring patients to University Medical Center in Jackson.

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