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Realtor association launches monthly housing reports

JACKSON — The Jackson Association of Realtors (JAR) has partnered with 10K Research and Marketing of Minneapolis, Minn., to create and provide easily readable and understandable local housing market reports to its members, the home buying and selling public and to the media.

Carla Palmer-Allen, president of JAR, said, “In addition to the sales and inventory history that has been available to the public through our website, the new monthly market indicator reports will be a great new resource for buyers and sellers wanting to see an overview of our housing market.”

The information in the reports is compiled from the only accurate source for current and historical sales activity in the Jackson market, the Multiple Listing Service of Jackson. Realtors, consumers and the media will have a broader understanding of the Jackson area housing market and will not have to rely upon the inaccuracy of public Internet sites that only have access to statistics recorded in public records.

“Since Mississippi is a non-disclosure state,” said Jo Usry, CEO of JAR, “our housing sales prices are not recorded in public records. Websites that do not have access to the data from the Multiple Listing Service of Jackson use general formulas or estimates to arrive at statistical data. The market data made available to the public by the Jackson Association of Realtors is current, accurate and based upon actual sales activity in the Jackson and surrounding areas.”

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