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Barbour joins 'super PAC' for 2012 campaigns

As reported by several media outlets, Gov. Haley Barbour announced plans to join a conservative “super PAC” of groups co-founded by former Bush advisor Karl Rove and former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie to help raise $240 million for the 2012 election cycle.

The PAC comprises American Crossroads and its nonprofit affiliate Crossroads GPS, which reportedly raised $71 million in 2010.

Barbour chaired the Republican Governors Association last year when it raised a record $117 million for the fall elections.

Crossroads has said it will “sit out the primaries” and focus on the November election, according to The Washington Post. Barbour has not endorsed a Republican presidential candidate.

According to The Huffington Post: “If the duo were to spend $240 million on the 2012 election it would crush the record for outside group spending in one election cycle. That record is currently held by Barbour’s RGA, which spent $131 million in the 2010 cycle, followed by the 2004 Democratic group Americans Coming Together, which spent $78 million.”

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