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DTI introduces new version of computer system

RIDGELAND — Diversified Technology Inc. (DTI) has developed a variation of its portable computer system that is designed to continue full operation even with the case lid closed.

The new version of the PCS-101 system is currently on display at Modern Day Marine in Quantico, Va.

“The success of our existing PCS-001 Portable Computer led us to developing new ways in which we could give our customers even more from this mobile system,” said Donald Germany, vice president of systems engineering for DTI. “By allowing for closed operation, the unit now has full scale implementation of all its rugged-ized features. It’s water- and dust-resistant performance improves the computer’s effectiveness in the harshest of conditions. The protected, internal components are designed to allow for customization within the end-program’s requirements.”

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  1. Wow it keeps working with the lid down, it must take about 10 seconds to configure any windows laptop to do the same. Surely there is more meaningful information regarding whatever the author is trying to convey, but a laptop working with its’ lid down is not news or new.

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