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Hood renders opinion on possible PERS changes

JACKSON — Attorney General Jim Hood has sent a letter to Pat Robertson, executive director of the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), giving his opinion on possible changes and/or recommendations from the PERS Study Commission.

Hood wrote that whatever changes might be considered or recommended, the “law requires the state to honor the commitment it has made to hundreds of thousands of retirees, employees and their dependents.”

Hood said: “Citing two Supreme Court decisions as well as the U.S. and Mississippi constitutions, this opinion makes it clear that employees acquire contractual rights at the time the employees join PERS, and that such rights may not be impaired. Existing employee and retiree benefits may not be reduced without a matching increase in benefits elsewhere. I hope that any recommendations by the Commission and any proposed legislation will be within the lawful power of the state to take.”

For a full copy of the letter and opinion, visit www.ago.state.ms.us.

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