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Keeping our eye on: Dorsey Carson

Dorsey Carson

Age: 39
Hometown: Jackson
Education: JD (University of Georgia), BA (Mississippi State University)
Current position: Partner, Burr & Forman LLP

There are two reasons why Dorsey Carson wants to be in our column. One is obvious– he is precipitously close to the “Keeping Our Eye On” cutoff age of 40. His second reason for agreeing to be featured here can be seen in office windows and front yards all over Metro Jackson– “Dorsey Carson for State Representative.”

“Generally speaking, I think people are sick of partisan politics and they want to see good ideas,” Carson says. “The future of Mississippi is intertwined with the future of Jackson, so more needs to be done to ensure its success.”

Carson grew up in northeast Jackson and graduated from Madison-Ridgeland Academy. After college and law school he attended the London Law Consortium at the University of London and served as a special assistant attorney general. This year he was recognized by the Mississippi Business Journal as one of its “50 Leaders in Law.”

A practicing construction lawyer, Carson says that crime and education go hand-in-hand and addressing each in a bipartisan way will be one of his main priorities at the State Capitol. “Our teacher pay continues to lag behind the southeastern average while our administrators pay and expenses are higher than average,” he says. In addition to supporting law enforcement, Carson will encourage his district to recruit more police detectives and forensic personnel for the state crime lab.

Carson and his wife, Susan, and daughter, Hays Elizabeth, live in Jackson and attend Fondren Presbyterian Church.

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