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MDES needs workers for STEPS2 program

JACKSON — The Mississippi Department of Employment Security is seeking workers to take advantage of Mississippi Subsidized Transitional Employment Program and Services (STEPS2).

STEPS2 subsidizes wages of new employees, helping businesses add workers. The four-month program pays 100 percent of new employees’ wages for the first 160 regular hours worked. That subsidy gradually decreases to 25 percent during the fourth month of work.

“We’ve had a strong response from businesses,” MDES deputy executive director and COO Stan McMorris said. “Now we’re really focusing on matching workers with jobs.”

As of today, about 140 are already working in STEPS2 jobs. More than 400 jobs are available through the program.

Available with more than 80 employers, jobs range from cashiers and administrative assistants to welders and nurse aides. Those in need of work should contact their local WIN Job Centers. Those unsure of their nearest WIN Job Centers should call (601) 321-6000 to get more information.

Original STEPS also provided jobs and incomes to a wide range of workers.

“The original STEPS allowed us to work with businesses to put nearly $25 million into Mississippi’s economy,” MDES executive director Les Range said, noting that about $11 million of that was from STEPS wage subsidies.

“Employers paid more than $14 million in wages during the two quarters after the program ended,” Range said.

More than 3,200 were hired during the first STEPS. After the program, more than 1,800 retained their jobs.

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  1. Want to apply for the Steps2 Program.

  2. Any job for at least several months will help me to get back on my feet.

  3. Any job will be appreciated.

  4. Thanks for the consideration.

  5. This seems to be a good program that is needed,

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