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Mississippi standing by Millennium

I hate it when that happens. Deer camp partner calls last week to give me the bad news. During the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee apparently we had some pretty strong winds blow through Holmes County across our property. It blew the covers off some of our tripod stands and wrecked general havoc knocking down limbs across ATV trails. That was not the worst news.

I have one favorite ladder stand on a food plot site we call the Duck Pond. The ladder is strapped to a tree up a little rise overlooking the plot which is next to a little pond that feeds a creek that runs behind the tree stand. Sitting in this stand a hunter is nearly 20 feet up in the air with a magnificent view of the entire plot and surrounding woods. It’s a great stand for hunting and even better for outdoor photography.

Well, turns out a nearby tree was toppled during the windstorm and as fate would have it, the tree landed right in the seat of my stand. Andy described the stand as “crushed,” but he is known to exaggerate things. I don’t have a good feeling about it until I can get to camp to assess the damage myself. Maybe it is repairable, or not.

At any rate now I have to engage a back up plan. However, this was actually the easy part, because I have already laid hands upon a suitable replacement stand so I can get back in business as quickly as possible. Hunting season is not that far off and that is not the time to be fooling around in the woods putting up new hunting stands.

Mississippi’s Millennium Stands

Right here in Central Mississippi — in Pearl to be exact — is a small company formed back in 1999 known as Hunting Solutions Inc. They design, produce, and distribute very high quality hunting stands of all kinds. They market their hunting stands under the name of Millennium Treestands.

“Hunting Solutions was founded in 1999 with our mission to provide hunters with safe, high-quality products at a fair price. Hunting Solutions is dedicated to quality design and workmanship that can be seen in all our products. This is how we are able to offer an unlimited lifetime warranty,” says Jerrod Karr, national sales manager for the company. All of their products can be viewed on their web site at millenniumstands.com. Their dealer network is also listed on the web site.

“Millennium’s engineering expertise comes from years in the aircraft industry. The aircraft industry has spent over 100 years developing materials and designs that are lightweight and strong. This technology is put to work in all the products that Millennium sells.”

Benchmark Customer Service

“At Hunting Solutions we also feel that communication between our company and the customer is very important. Hunting Solutions is ready to listen if you have a comment or suggestion. We invite our customers to contact us. Should they have a complaint we will do everything in our power to correct the problem. We will work as a team to reach our goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction,” Karr commented.

I can attest to this high level of customer satisfaction as well. A couple weeks ago I pulled out of the box a brand new Millennium tree seat that I had bought at the August Wildlife Extravaganza. Upon affixing it to a tree in the back yard to try it out the attachment buckle on the tree strap promptly broke. The pin in the buckle just snapped in two. It happens.

On Monday I made a call to the company in Pearl and was immediately told to just bring it by for a replacement. When I took the stand in the office, Jerrod did not even ask what happened or how the stand broke. He took the stand in the back shop and had a new buckle (a more heavy duty one) installed on the strap with no questions. It was as easy as that.

Duck Pond Replacement Stand

While in the shop at Hunting Solutions in Pearl I told Jerrod about my dilemma of having to replace a favorite ladder stand. He recommended a couple options to me, and I ended up pulling my pickup around to the loading dock to pick up a new L110 model Millennium ladder stand. It didn’t take me long to be sold.

Turns out the L110 is an upgraded version of the L100 I had looked at buying last year to have another good ladder stand in a different hunting area. The L110 is a 21-foot ladder with their Comfort Tech seat for all day sitting comfort, something I certainly need. The platform is larger and the seat folds up.

In front of the hunter is an adjustable padded shooting rail. There is a foot rest as well that can also be folded up out of the way. The ladder itself is a double rail affair adding rigid stability. The stand’s height can be adjusted too from 8 to 21 feet simply by leaving out ladder sections to customize the height. The stand has a lifetime warranty.

Easily, this stand is the replacement for the one crushed by Tropical Storm Lee.

Hunting Solutions in Pearl selling and distributing the Millennium Treestands all over the country is just one more example of a Mississippi based outdoor business right here at home. The company is local and they employ local people. When they do hunting trade shows all around the country, they also represent Mississippi and all that good press comes back to promote our state. Good for them.Good for us.

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