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Newspaper goes from seven-day to four-day publication

LAUREL — The Laurel Leader-Call is changing from seven-day to four-day publication.

The newspaper will now publish on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Leader-Call editor Rob Sigler says while the newspaper will no longer publish print editions on Monday, Friday and Saturday, news updates, features, sports, photos and video will be provided on the paper’s website (www.leadercall.com) on those days.

Sigler says fewer print publication days will give the news department more time to fully develop local news, with the aim of providing greater context and usefulness to readers.

“Readers can expect more in-depth stories, insightful information, and photos,” Sigler said.

The newspaper is also switching to Postal Service delivery.

Publisher Judith D. “Skippy” Haik said the delivery of the papers will move to the United States Postal Service, effective Oct. 4. Sunday’s edition will continue to be delivered by carrier on Sunday morning. Weekday and Sunday editions will be available on the newsstands at 7 a.m. at 90 locations in Jones County.

“Our subscribers will receive their paper during the week where they get their mail, when they get their mail,” said Haik. “That’s the message to be conveyed with this change.”

She said delivery times will change somewhat. Many subscribers will actually get their paper earlier in the day, while others will see delivery moved back in the day — both corresponding to the normal delivery time for their mail, said Haik.

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