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Red state rising?

Mississippi is poised to make some political history this November. The voters will either elect the state’s first black governor (Hattiesburg mayor and Democrat Johnny Dupree) or they could usher in a milestone for the Mississippi Republican Party, giving the party of Bush and Barbour solid control of both the Governor’s Mansion and both houses of the state legislature.

Long gone are the days when politicians used to chuckle that you could fit all the Republicans in Mississippi in one phone booth.

If Mississippi Republicans gain the legislative and executive branches this year then the state will join the ranks of other Southern GOP strongholds like Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

MBJ video journalist Stephen McDill caught up with state GOP director Tim Saler to get more details. The young Republican operative says he remains “cautiously optimistic” about the governor’s race and spent his Labor Day weekend working feverishly to support Republican challengers in the many House races that are on the GOP ballot radar.

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