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What women want

Guys listen up. The retail technology world is not just for the boys anymore. Was it ever?

We’ve culled and queried cyberspace and Mississippi businesswomen to find out what their favorite technology toys are and where you can get the best deals. Ladies, you might want to keep this list handy next time you’re sending your man to the store.

This is part of 50 Leading Business Women magazine for 2011.
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Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker (Euro Cuisine, $40 at Target)
Now you can add homemade yogurt to your breakfast menu with an automatic yogurt maker from Euro Cuisine. We know that sounded like an infomercial but if you are looking for a do-it-yourself way to prepare the delicious dairy then all you need is the machine, milk and yogurt starter and after six to ten hours of fermentation you can have a week’s worth of all-natural yogurt ranging from Greek to fruit-flavored varieties. Combine homemade yogurt with a steamy cup of coffee (kept hot by a Brookstone desktop beverage warmer, $25) and your morning is off and running.

Nike+iPod Sport Kit ($30, Apple Store)
The scorching temps aren’t keeping Mississippi’s joggers inside so if that’s your thing then you need to know about the Nike+iPod from Apple. This matchbook-sized wireless device comes with a small transmitter called an accelerometer that monitors “foot strike”, that’s jogging jargon for every time your shoe impacts the ground whether you are walking or running.

“It syncs with my Nikes so it tells me how many steps I take and how many calories I’ve burned,” says Katie Conway PICTURE of the Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau. Nike+iPod also measures miles and pace and can sync with Conway’s iPod Touch or other Apple devices (iPod Nano, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4). Its also compatible with any Apple friendly exercise equipment that might be at your local gym and you can hook it up to your home computer and chart and track your fitness regimen. If your personal collection of power tunes (Joan Jett anyone?) need a home then try out a Bluetooth sportsband headphone set ($89, Jaybird’s).

Digital Picture Frames (Multiple Models, $70 at Best Buy)
Well-traveled junior executives or CEO moms will appreciate this gadget that is both sentimental and space efficient. Digital frames have been out a few years allowing the DFP (designated family photographer) to upload dozens of digital photos onto the picture frame’s memory card. Best Buy sells HP and Kodak seven-10-inch LCD and LED models or you can settle for a pocket size key chain version from Insignia.

Let’s face it. You will never see a man wrestling with whether to get a paisley or zebra laptop cover. Women will always out accessorize their male coworkers and we have the proof right here. Amazon.com has a neoprene laptop tote bag ($37, Built NY) that fits 16-inch laptops. The graphic Dot No. 7 pattern is quite stylish and the bag itself is stain-resistant and machine washable.

Lindsey Wiseman

Down Time
“I really enjoy my Nintendo Wii ($149, Best Buy). There are endless options for its use, and particular favorites of mine are shopping online, streaming Netflix live, and maybe playing a little Mario Kart too.”

-Lindsey Wiseman, Brunini Law Firm, Columbus

Emily Ray

Stuck in Traffic
“Oh my gosh, the iPad ($499, Apple Store). It is my life! I adore it. I never go anywhere without. And this is awful but I keep it in my car so when I get stuck in traffic I’ll have something to do.”

-Emily Ray, Downtown Jackson Partners

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