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Books about Delta history and Eudora Welty’s garden have wide interest among Mississippians

Because they love to read books, share them with others and of course sell them, booksellers sometimes find it difficult to recommend just one book. That’s the case with Hugh McCormick, owner of McCormick Book Inn in Greenville. With an eye toward the upcoming gift-giving holidays, he enthusiastically recommends a book published in 2000 and a newly published book. Each book is of interest to a wide spectrum of Mississippians; those living within the state’s borders and those elsewhere who want to maintain their roots.

“These are two books I’ve enjoyed recently, one old and one new,” McCormick said. “‘The Forgotten Time: the Yazoo Mississippi Delta after the Civil War’ is a fascinating study of what life was like in this area during that time period. The hardcover version was primarily produced for a library book. We have both editions and this book is worthy of a hard cover. It’s an excellent book and a phenomenal study.”

McCormick says the John Willis book dovetails with another book about the Delta that’s been out for several years. ‘It’s Only a Few Bones’ by John Colletta, a soft cover book that was privately printed and sells for $24. “Both of these are important books for the Delta.”

Switching gears, McCormick heartedly recommends the latest book about Mississippi’s first lady of letters. It is a rich exploration of the garden Welty tended with her mother and how that work affected her writing. She continued to live in the family home throughout her life.

“‘One Writer’s Garden: Eudora Welty’s Home Place’ is a gorgeous book,” he said. “The authors went through Welty family albums and photos to create a lovely garden and memorabilia book. It’s not a gardening book and not a Welty book per se; it’s a combination and will make a great gift. Also, the price of this oversized coffee table book is very reasonable.”

New photos in this book are by Langdon Clay and color work is by Marty Clay.

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