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City officials mulling lodging tax to fund development

WIGGINS — City leaders in Wiggins are considering a local sales tax on hotels, motels and cabins as a way to increase revenue for economic development.

The Sun Herald reports Mayor Jerry Alexander introduced the idea at yesterday’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

Alexander said the tax proposal would be a good way to increase revenue without a major impact on city residents.

Only those who choose to stay at a hotel, motel or cabin would be taxed.

He says the Stone County Economic Development Partnership already benefits from a 2 percent tax on lodging. City officials could choose to impose a tax of up to 3 percent.

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  1. Wiggins City leaders are initiating an oxymoron: they want to increase revenues for economic development by making Wiggins motels & hotels less competitive with other cities, raising the hotel & motel sales taxes. One would hope Wiggins City leaders could be more creative.

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