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Microsoft sends last settlement payment to state

JACKSON — Microsoft Corporation has wired its final $5 million to a state account as part of a multi-million-dollar anti-trust settlement the company reached with the state in 2009, announced Attorney General Jim Hood.

“We collected $48.5 million for the state and $1 million for Mississippi consumers who redeemed their vouchers,” said Hood. “Mississippi recovered more than any other state and it did not cost the taxpayers anything, because we made Microsoft pay our attorneys.”

The AG launched an anti-trust suit against the software development giant in 2004 claiming the software developer had illegally overcharged Mississippi residents by creating a monopoly for their computer operating system software, including Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME as well as other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft WORD, Excel and other applications.

The company settled with the state and gave Mississippi $40 million in 2009, which Hood directed to state coffers to offset shortfalls in the state budget. The company has since paid an additional $3.5 million, $1 million of which was returned in vouchers to qualifying Microsoft users, including individuals, schools and businesses.

The settlement agreement allowed Microsoft to hold back their final installment in case citizens filed objections to the settlement or filed individual lawsuits. Nothing was filed, therefore Microsoft has paid the full final payment.

The company has now paid all due to the state as a result of the settlement agreement.

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