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Navy shutting down Seabee battalion on Coast

GULFPORT — The Navy says a Seabee battalion in Gulfport will be shut down in September 2012 in a cost-cutting move.

The battalion, commonly known as “The Magnificent 7,” is made up of about 600 Seabees — a number that makes up just over 10 percent of the Gulfport Seabee force.

Battalion officials say some Seabees will be reassigned to other posts at the Gulfport base but many will leave the area.

Officials say the battalion will be deployed to the Pacific once more before it is decommissioned.

It will be the third decommissioning for Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7 since it was organized in 1942. The battalion has been at the Gulfport Seabee Base since it was re-commissioned a third time in 1985, and has seen deployments around the world.

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