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Landowner unveils plans for Deer Island resort

BILOXI — Larry Mitrienga owns a piece of Deer Island, and he says he wants to build a resort there just south of Biloxi.

The Sun Herald reports Mitrienga presented his first plans to Biloxi’s Review Committee Wednesday.

The plans show eight elevated pods with 12 units each for a total of 96. Mitrienga’s attorney, Michael Cavanaugh, said they would be condotels with a mix of 1,000-square-foot condominiums and hotel rooms. Also on the site will be swimming pools, a Tiki Club open-air restaurant and a covered pavilion.

Mitrienga plans to ask for a change in zoning from agricultural to allow commercial development. He didn’t specify what zoning classification he is seeking, but said he doesn’t plan to build a casino as part of the resort.

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