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Nutt fired, our problems solved

It is a major development, one certain to make Mississippians feel secure about their future.

Have we found a cure for our ever-growing obesity rate in this state? Found a way to get off the bottom of every education ranking in the land? Discovered a way to fix our ailing economy and get people back to work?

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No, it’s WAY bigger than that.

Houston Nutt will not be the head coach of the Ole Miss football team next year, and it appears that UM athletic director Pete Boone is gone, too. Finally, something to celebrate!

We can be a bunch of overweight folks raising fat kids who underachieve academically and accept that our elected officials cannot compromise and our unemployment lines are long with no immediate end in sight.

But, we will never stand for one of our football teams going 2-7 and losing 12 straight conference games. The very idea!

Excuse me if I cut this short. I can hear our local “Occupy Wall Street” crowd across the street in Smith Park through the MBJ’s walls yelling their protest. I can’t wait to get over there and tell them Nutt is out. They can go home now.

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  1. Both Mississippi Schools find it hard to win in the SEC. Two schools in the smallest populated state in the conference. Winning seasons can be hard to acheive.

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