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Texas housing developer appealing in zoning dispute

NATCHEZ — A Dallas-based developer will ask the Mississippi Supreme Court to referee a zoning dispute that has so far gone the city of Natchez’s way.

Michael V. Cory Jr., an attorney representing Roundstone Development, LLC, tells The Natchez Democrat the dispute stems from the denial of the company’s request in 2006 to rezone 25 acres for single-family homes.

He said the company planned to build 65 single-family homes on nine acres, leaving the remaining 17 acres open land.

A Natchez planning commission denied the company’s request as did the city council in 2008. A local judge ruled against the company in 2010.

This past week, the state Court of Appeals sided with the city and the local court.

Cory said the company filed the suit because it purchased the land under the impression there would be no problems with developing the housing project.

Cory said the housing development project is dead because the Roundstone lost its tax credit. He said the company is pursuing the matter because the developers still own the land and think it should be zoned residential.

Cory said Roundstone would ask for a rehearing before the Appeals Court and, when that denied, file an appeal with the Supreme Court.

Natchez City Attorney Everett Sanders denied comment because the matter was pending litigation.

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