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Town of Livingston Preps for Zoning

Town of Livingston, a recently conceived residential and retail development, will meet with the Madison Planning & Zoning Commission this morning in Canton.

In a news release, Town of Livingston representatives say the commission will review and re-approve entitlements for the development.

“The P&Z will be reviewing Livingston’s development as a mixed use commercial and residential development and reviewing the phasing of the project,” the release says. “The first phase (includes) a mercantile store and service station.

1.      Jobs.  The first phase of the project will create approximately 40 jobs, short term construction jobs will be in the 80 -100.

2.      Retail shops and restaurants that are needed in the area.

3.      Economic growth in a time that is showing little if any economic growth.

4.      And re-creating a historical town that will bring character and culture to the area.”

We will have more on this developing story in later posts.

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