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Book Biz: Rushing’s gardening advice: Don’t just grow roses, smell them too

None can really be surprised that gardening guru Felder Rushing has written a book that takes an offbeat approach to gardening. This well-known gardener, lecturer and author marches to a different beat and so does his gardening. He wants this activity to be fun and enjoyable.

“Life has lots of pressures — why include them in the garden? Doing something slowly means savoring what you’re doing,” he wrote in the book’s introduction.

His inspiration came from the international Slow Food movement that began in Italy with Carlo Petrini. Felder worked with Petrini in 2009 and embraced this method of cooking and eating. Naturally for him, the next step was to use the slow method in gardening.

Nan Graves Goodman of Lemuria Books likes Rushing’s latest book. “This book is for those who don’t mind breaking the landscape rules and for those who want to be free to sit a while and reflect, free from grass cutting, fertilizing, raking and weeding,” she said. “It’s for those who are creative and want to slow down and smell the roses.”

She especially likes the book’s clever, tongue-in-cheek photographs such as the worm bin, the compost bin and whimsical garden art to entertain the reader who is yearning for a fresh way of gardening.

Steve Bender of Southern Living Magazine notes that Rushing knows that if gardening isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing. “So if ‘power gardening’ has emptied your wallet and sent your blood pressure soaring like a condor on caffeine, give yourself a break,” he said. “Try Slow Gardening.”

Rushing is a tenth generation American gardener who has written and photographed widely in the gardening world. He has written or co-written sixteen books on gardening and lectures all over this country and overseas. He is the host and gardening expert for the National Public Radio-affiliated radio show, Gestalt Gardening.

Slow Gardening: A No-Stress Philosophy for All Senses and Seasons

By Felder Rushing

Chelsea Green Publishing

$29.95 hardcover

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