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Health Department issues CONs for three projects

AROUND MISSISSIPPI — The Mississippi Department of Health has approved a $4.18 million project in Tupelo for providing positron emission tomography services.

Image Center at BridgePoint LLC sought approval to provide PET services in Tupelo. PET scans work with a radioactive injection to trace blood flow throughout the body. Some medical groups believe the scans can provide a more accurate Alzheimer’s/dementia diagnosis.

Health officials also approved a $2.67 million project for St. Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital to renovate space for what is known as a “hybrid” operating room. In a hybrid operating room, doctors are able to use imaging technology while surgery is being done.

Also approved was a $808,367 project to locate a 10-station satellite End Stage Renal Disease facility in Clay County. RGA-West Point will lease and renovate space for the facility.

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