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Jobless rate dips in November

Mississippi’s unemployment rate dipped to 10.5 in November, as some people gave up looking for jobs.

That’s down from 10.6 percent in October, but above the 10.2 percent rate in November 2010. Mississippi remains tied for the third-highest jobless rate among the states.

Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show the number of unemployed people fell from 144,100 in October to 142,000 in November, when seasonally adjusted. The size of the labor force also fell by about 2,000 people, accounting for the dip in unemployed people.

Unemployment rates fell in 79 of 82 counties, and were level in the other three. But those numbers aren’t adjusted to smooth out normal seasonal fluctuations.

The national unemployment rate fell to 8.6 percent in November from 9 percent in October.

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