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State ranks as unhealthiest in U.S. for 10th consecutive year

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — The latest national health rankings show that once again Mississippi is the unhealthiest state in the nation.

The study done by the United Health Foundation ranked Vermont the most healthy for the third year in a row and the fourth time in the last five years.

New Hampshire ranked as the second healthiest state and Maine ranked eighth.

For the 10th year in a row, Mississippi ranked as the least healthy state.

In this year’s rankings, Vermont was tops in 15 of 23 measures of public health relating to behavior, community and environment, health policies, clinical care, and health outcomes.

The Vermont Health Department says the state still faces challenges: About 76,000 Vermonters smoke, 17 percent of adults binge drink and a growing number of Vermonters are overweight or obese.

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  1. Yeah, Vermont the most healthy. Physically, perhaps. Vermont also is about to prosecute a woman for SHOOTING AT an intruder IN HER HOME. The man broke in; she fired three shots – he ran off; no evidence that he was hit, but Vermont State Police stated that the 40-something woman COULD be prosecuted if the perp shows up to file charges against her for using UNNECESSARY FORCE. In Mississippi, we have Castle Doctrine. This is my castle. You break in; I shoot you; common sense. In Brattleboro, VT, within the city limits, wrinkled old people run around naked, because it is legal. Nudism has been challenged in the city limits, and the lost souls won. How do I know these people are old? Read the on-line posts. Young people in the area are upset that they are being exposed to this. I may be fat, but I’m not stupid. Give me Mississippi.

  2. Stop blaming smokers for every ill! The world’s oldest person who ever lived smoked her entire life, 122 years! It’s all about money, and smokers are an easy target. But that’s changing, now they’re targeting anyone even appearing overweight. There is a bill in the Mississippi legislature forcing restaurants to NOT serve anyone appearing overweight. We The People demand the nanny state return to the scum ponds from which they came!

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