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Architect's concerns stop police station construction

WAVELAND — Construction has been stopped on the Waveland’s new police station.

Mayor David Garcia tells the Sea Coast Echo the work stoppage is only temporary.

City attorney David Yarborough says the architect for the project raised a couple of concerns about some of the construction and recommended the work stoppage.

“The architect and contractor are trying to straighten out the concerns. Hopefully work on the police station can be restarted soon,” Yarborough said.

Garcia said time is not as important as the integrity of the building.

“We want this police department to be safe and constructed in the right way,” he said.

The project was previously delayed last March when concrete panels to support the new Waveland police department have failed architect’s stress tests. The panels were later replaced and construction resumed.

Plans call for the facility to be constructed to sustain 250 mile-per-hour winds and storm surge.

Unlike the original police department on U.S. 90, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the new facility has steel framework and reinforced concrete.

It will be a one-story complex fitted with a new booking area, holding cells, expanded storage and office space, and a fitness center for officers.

The city broke ground on the new site in September 2009. It will cost $4 million.

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