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Natchez mansion is setting for mystery and romance

Booksellers in Mississippi really like promoting Mississippi writers, and it isn’t difficult to do because, fortunately, we have an abundance of writers. Diane Shepherd, owner of Main Street Books in Hattiesburg, chose River’s Bend by Coast writer Charlsie Russell because she enjoys the author’s works.

“It’s a great book for historical fiction and romance,” Shepherd said. “It’s set in a big mansion in Natchez where a murder must be solved. Russell’s genre is historical fiction and suspense. She’s a good Mississippi writer whom I’m happy to promote.”

She points out that Russell has won numerous independent publisher awards for her books,

“She pretty much wins for whatever she writes.”

River’s Bend is Russell’s fourth book. The action begins when Rafe Stone comes to Mississippi seeking an antebellum showcase house. The house he wants to buy is owned by Josephus Collander, who tells Stone it’s not for sale, but he can have it for nothing if he’ll accept it as his niece’s dowry. Two strangers hiding their pasts and a legendary house with dark secrets of its own provide lots of mystery, suspense and romance. It’s the kind of escape-from-reality reading many readers enjoy after a hard day’s work.

A retired U.S. Navy commander and mother of five children, Russell focuses on historical suspense set in her home state. After seven years of having publishers reject her books, she established Loblolly Writer’s House, which she describes as the home of historical fiction in the deepest of the Deep South.

— Lynn Lofton, mbj@msbusiness.com

>> River’s Bend
By Charlsie Russell
Loblolly Writer’s House
$14.95 paperback

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